Frozen Coco

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Welcome to the Official Site of Frozen Coco!

Frozen Coco is a unique online rock band that communicated and collaborated entirely on the web, with no meet-ups over the course of the group's existence. This website was created by Frozen Coco's manager, Diyath Yavin. The site was initially constructed between the band's first single release and Yavin's inclusion in the band, so the news items on this website detail back to December 2011. Thus, they do not concern events that took place prior to the group's second single release. Frozen Coco is:

Piano/Other Instruments: Diyath Yavin
Bass Player: Bastián Núñez
Guitar: Matt Hambra

During your time on this site, you will be able to explore the songs released by Frozen Coco within the span of the band's two-and-a-half year existence. Feel free to visit the blog, create memberships or use the contact feature for feedback.

The Valediction (Frozen Coco's last release)

After months of a near-solo effort by Yavin to keep the band together, The Valediction was released, intended as the band's final release. The release halted the band's catalogue at an impressive 21 songs. A full script of Yavin's concluding declaration is given below:

"After the somewhat abrupt muteness of the other band members without prior affirmation, I thought it best to terminate the band, as it is apparent that we all have moved on to our own interests. I wished to conclude in a manner that made it seem that the band had gone a full circle from start to finish, which is where the idea of recruiting a female singer (with whom I had collaborated before) came from. The goal was to keep this simple with regard to the instruments used; I would revert back to my initial job description for the band as the pianist, while also attempting to showcase the development in musicianship. The result is a bit of a melancholic farewell, and I do hope that this concluding track has proved an unusual but fitting swansong for the rock group."

Liars and Thieves (+ First Music Video)

The band released their sixth studio single on 05/10/2013. This marked the lone single release to be written by Slomba. As only he and Yavin were keen with band matters at the point, the duo set about recording. A music video was released for the first time as well, accompanying the song. Despite only having two performers, the song was a reasonable success.

Frozen Coco (An Eponymous Debut Album)

This album was released after nearly five months of no releases by the band. The band painstakingly toiled over this time period to deliver a masterful collection of songs. It consists of 14 tracks, including nine unheard originals, and showcases some of the band's best work ever produced without doubt. From hard rock to baroque pop, this record covers a variety of genres.


Ellipsis was released on 25/01/2013, on the same day as band member Yavin celebrated his birthday. It has been described primarily as a guitar-driven song, and it is a popular western rock number that received much acclaim upon release.

Light Amidst the Fog/If We Never See the Light

Frozen Coco released their second double single on 12.12.12. Just two of the band members performed on the songs, Yavin and Núñez, yet it is a very strong release, showcasing some of the finest material from their catalogue. Both songs are written by Yavin and can be streamed here.

Out of the Possible/Early December

These originals, released as a double-record, are two back-to-back A and B singles. Out of the Possible is written by Bastián Núñez while its counterpart, Early December is written by Diyath Yavin.

Crimson Love (Frozen Coco's first EP)

After four months of hard work, Frozen Coco released their first EP called Crimson Love. It was well-received, and the band has expressed plans to continue producing more high quality work in the future. For the time being, the band plans to release a few singles in the lead-up to their next album.

When I'm Beside You

The band released When I'm Beside You by Bastián Núñez, on 24/12/2011, on Christmas Eve. The song is Frozen Coco's second single and enjoyed reasonable success like the band's first song, My Voice to You by Dennis Yang.