Frozen Coco

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The Valediction

"The Valediction" concludes Frozen Coco's two-and-a-half year active online existence. Following their album release in summer 2013, the group started to disintegrate with slackening interest from the band members. Yavin, being the only active member of the group at the time, consulted an old collaborator, Mari Smith, to sing on the last track. In a career that spanned 30 months, the group released seven singles, an EP, and a full-length album, forming a catalogue of 21 songs. They spread out to new reaches in the process, with the creation of music videos, and advancement in both composition style and musical instrumentation. This single is officially the last Frozen Coco release. 

Liars and Thieves

"Liars and Thieves" is the first single release to be penned by Luke Slomba. Following on the heels of their debut album, only two band members performed on this song. The song initially resembled a light piano ballad when written, but was transformed into an edgier rock number with Diyath Yavin on electric guitars, and Luke Slomba debuting on bass, due to a post-album production hiatus taken by the rest of the band. 

Frozen Coco

After nearly five months of no releases, Frozen Coco has debuted their first full-length album. The band members used "different techniques than before while recording", ensuring the highest quality tracks. Furthermore, many instrumental sections for songs were improvised, which enabled each player to add their own creative rendition. On this day, the band officially launched their YouTube account. The eponymous 14 track album celebrated the band's two year anniversary, and contains nine previously unheard originals. 


"Ellipsis", essentially a guitar ballad, was written months before its eventual release on 25/01/2013. It contrasts Frozen Coco's "Light Amidst the Fog/If We Never See the Light" with the bass, rhythm & lead guitars complementing each other marvelously, as opposed to the piano-oriented sound of the previous release. This song is likely to be the last single release by the band prior to their upcoming second album!

Light Amidst the Fog/If We Never See the Light

Out of the Possible/Early December

This double-single release is the first by Frozen Coco, pioneered online by the band itself. It consists of two contrasting songs, one a pop rock number while the other is a smooth acoustic ballad. These two songs will eventually make it into Frozen Coco's upcoming second album, so stay tuned... 

Crimson Love - A Collection of Songs

This set comprises of Frozen Coco's first collection of songs, compiled to form an EP. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Enjoy!

When I'm Beside You

Written by technoguyx. Performed by Frozen Coco.

My Voice to You

A song written by Noteflight user Dennis Yang, recorded and performed by Frozen Coco.

Frozen Coco were a rock band that was formed on June 23, 2011. It was a purely online collaboration between Diyath Yavin (piano/other instruments), Bastián Núñez (electric bass) and Matt Hambra (guitar) who never met each other in person. Frozen Coco released seven singles, an EP, and a full-length album over their period of existence of two-and-a-half years.

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