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"The Valediction" by Diyath Yavin, released December 27, 2013, is the seventh single and formally the last release by Frozen Coco. Shortly after the release of their debut album in summer 2013, the band members gradually lost interest, leaving Yavin as the sole active member. The decision to recall Mari Smith for one last performance was made for the purpose of completing a “full circle”, in Yavin’s words, with reference to how the band initially started out with a female vocalist. Similarly, the hand-drawn cover art is an intended prod at the hand-sketched artwork of the first Frozen Coco release. This song is said to have been composed by Yavin entirely on an online music notation editor (the only Frozen Coco song exclusively written using this method). Afterwards, he recorded the piano track to the song; the composition and recording process took just one day, and the song was written specifically to serve as the band’s concluding track. The song was accompanied by a lyric video, following on from the last debut music video release. It consists of a montage of photos Yavin photographed while on vacation at a residential estate. An official Facebook account was launched along with the release, with the aim of extending the band’s legacy to more social media users. Yavin’s concluding declaration is given below:

“After the somewhat abrupt muteness of the other band members without prior affirmation, I thought it best to terminate the band, as it is apparent that we all have moved on to our own interests. I wished to conclude in a manner that made it seem that the band had gone a full circle from start to finish, which is where the idea of recruiting a female singer (with whom I had collaborated before) came from. The goal was to keep this simple with regard to the instruments used; I would revert back to my initial job description for the band as the pianist, while also attempting to showcase the development in musicianship. The result is a bit of a melancholic farewell, and I do hope that this concluding track has proved an unusual but fitting swansong for the rock group."


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Frozen Coco were a rock band that was formed on June 23, 2011. It was a purely online collaboration between Diyath Yavin (piano/other instruments), Bastián Núñez (electric bass) and Matt Hambra (guitar) who never met each other in person. Frozen Coco released seven singles, an EP, and a full-length album over their period of existence of two-and-a-half years.

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